Nutritional Immunology

Soy and Breast Cancer

I came across this article and would to share it for the myth of avoiding soy is still many people’s concern, especially when comes to female cancers.. Question: Are soy foods safe for breast cancer survivors, including women who were treated for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer? Answer: Summary:┬áThe current consensus among health experts who […]

Health Benefits of Cactus

When it comes to nutritious plant foods, cactus is top of my favourites. In traditional Chinese medicine, cactus is considered to be “cold” in nature, and can promote the flow of qi and blood circulation. It is used to help reduce swelling and relieve pain with its cooling and detoxifying properties. It is believed to […]

Almonds boost the elimination of bad cholesterol

Researchers at at Pennsylvania State University recently confirmed the anti-cholesterol benefits of almonds. Regular intake of a handful of almonds increased levels of mature HDL or “good cholesterol” particles, which are associated with cardiovascular health, by 19 percent. According to a study published on Friday, August 11 in the Journal of Nutrition, almonds may not […]


Hey, some good information on hypertension or some may just call it high blood pressure.

Nutrition in Plants

Our body needs wholesome nutrients to perform perfectly. Apart from strengthening our defenses, these nutrients aid the body in growth and development, cell repair, and a variety of physiological functions. Many of us think that protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats are the only nutrients we need. Actually, there are three other types of nutrients […]

Sleep Deprivation Causes Emotional Instability

Anyone who has experienced sleep deprivation knows the impact that it can have on your mind and body. Now researchers from UC Berkeley and Harvard Medical School have found a neural link between lack of sleep and emotional instability. Using brain imaging in the first neural investigation into what happens to the emotional brain without […]

Healthy Living

All of us know that a balanced diet strengthens the immune system. However, most of us fail to obtain adequate nutrients due to our harried lifestyles. The following strategies will help you to jump-start healthy eating habits. Morning Must-haves Researchers at the Harvard Medical School discovered that people who took daily breakfast were a third […]

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