Nutritional Immunology

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 3/4: Fighters for Life ~ Cactus

Cactus contains thousands of phytochemicals that perform myriad functions in the body. Besides regulating the immune system, they also help wound healing. Scientists tested a topical application that consisted of cactus extract and found that phytochemicals in cactus accelerated tissue regeneration by inhibiting inflammation, stimulating fibroblasts (cells that aid in wound healing) to move to […]

What Scientists Say About Nutritional Immunology ?

How much you know about the health hazard we are facing today? How much you understand about your very own immune system? This video was recorded 10 years ago. And you’ll be surprise how real the outcome we are facing today have actually been warned again and agian by scientists. Today, it’s no more “one […]

Calcium Check

At your next meal, you might want to eat more wholesome, calcium-rich foods. These plant foods are some of the best sources of calcium, which does more than just build bones and prevent osteoporosis. Researchers think that calcium from wholesome foods may protect the body from cancer, by helping to prevent abnormal cell growth. For […]

How do genetic disorders come about?

Fact: Genetic disorders are not always inherited. A child may have a genetic disorder that his parents do not have! How is this possible? Thanks to scientists, we now have answers. What are genes? A gene is a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequence that instructs a cell to make proteins, the building blocks of life. Genes […]

Keep an Eye on our Vision

Imagine living in a world of darkness. Simply household chores may seem like a Herculean task. Losing one’s sight can indeed be a debilitating condition that affects a person physically, emotionally, mentally and even economically. Our Windows to the World The eyes capture light from their surroundings before transforming it into impulses that the brain […]

You’re invited! Dr. Jau-Fei Chen in Singapore

Dear friends, I am sending this invitation out to all my friends who are keen to find out more about the science that have saved me from chronic medical threats and eventually, changed my life ~ Nutritional Immunology. World renowned scientist and founder of Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, will be in Singapore to share […]

Nutritional Immunology in a few short videos

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Malfunction of Immune System

How Our Human Immune System Work?

The Immune System – When did it get it Right?

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