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From the last few video post, we learn that most of the diseases are caused by malfunctioning of our immune system. Today I would like to share on one of the scary chronic disease, Diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a complex and chronic disease characterized by high blood glucose levels resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both. Insulin is a hormone that takes up glucose during digestion; glucose is used for energy or stored for future use.

Diabetes is a growing worldwide health concern with over 177 million people, suffering from the disease. According to the World Health Organization, worldwide statistics show that 366 million people will have some form of diabetes by year 2030.

In Singapore, according to the National Health Survey in 2004, diabetes is ranked as the eighth leading cause of death, with 3% of all deaths being linked to diabetes. Diabetes mellitus can result in death and disability with long-term complications such as blindness, kidney impairment, stroke and heart disease.

With such complications and mortality rate, the best way is still to start preventing it before it has a chance to strike. One of the way we can do is to Modify Your Lifestyle! Few suggestions for you..

1. Achieve and maintain a desirable weight.

2. Eat more greens and less fat. Increse consumption of friuts, vegetables and fiber (especially soluble fibre). Limit sugar intake and foods containing lots of saturated fats, trans-fats and cholesterol.

3. Exercise. Moderate levels of fitness are recommended for most healthy adults and I would say 3 to 5 times a week of about 30 minutes.

4. Stop smoking. This is an obvious one.

5. Avoid alcohol.

Hope all these tips can help you understand diabetes better and start taking actions for prevention.


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4 Responses to “Diabetes”

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  2. Welcome Jennie! Thanks for the extra information. I’ll check that out.

    Please drop by often to give me some comments and may you benefit from the science of Nutritional Immunology..

    Love, Jacklyn

  3. With current advances in stem cell research, it won’t be long before we can find a permanent cure for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. .

  4. Hi there I enjoyed your article. I believe that it is crucial when discussing diabetes to at least bring up natural therapies that have been shown to be efficient in controlling high blood sugar. Many natural herbs can be including in a diabetics regimen that can help maintain a healthy glucose level.

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