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Happy Fruit FaceAll of us know that a balanced diet strengthens the immune system. However, most of us fail to obtain adequate nutrients due to our harried lifestyles. The following strategies will help you to jump-start healthy eating habits.

Morning Must-haves
Researchers at the Harvard Medical School discovered that people who took daily breakfast were a third less likely to become obese than those who skipped this meal. To reap the best benefits, the researchers recommended eating whole-grain cereals for breakfast as they are rich in fiber which stabilizes blood sugar, curbs appetite and keeps the heart healthy.

Many choose to drink milk for breakfast. However, cow’s milk is very high in animal protein that can cause calcium loss through urine, leading to osteoporosis. Drinking soy milk instead supplies the body with plant protein and lots of immune system-strengthening phytochemicals. Soy milk is also lower in fat.

Main Meal Wisdom
If you need to consume meat, choose fish instead of red meat. Studies have linked high consumption of red meat with cancers such as breast and colorectal cancer as well as heart disease mainly because red meat is very high in saturated fats. Fish, in contrast, contains more heart-healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Food Preparation
Experts always recommend preparing food with as little oil as possible. As such, cooking methods such as steaming, baking, grilling, boiling or stir-frying are advised. If using cooking oils, studies have shown monounsaturated fats like olive or canola and polyunsaturated oils like soy, corn and grape seed to be most beneficial to health.

Light Nights
Some people think nothing about rewarding themselves with a large meal after a hard day’s work. However, dinner should be eaten wisely to avoid overburdening the digestive system and having difficulty sleeping. Hence, it is a very good idea to have a low-calorie fiber drink just before leaving the office.

It is also not a good idea to regularly eat a late night meal as this could overburden the digestive system. Our gastric mucosa regenerates once every two to three days. A habit of eating a late night snack can affect the secretion of gastric juices, leading to stomach disorders like gastric ulcers. If hunger pangs could not be ignored, then opt for a light, fiber-rich snack with cereals since these foods will not overburden the digestive system.

Remember, minor changes in our eating habits can lead to major changes in our health.


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  3. Osteoporosis is very common specially in old persons. Food supplementation with calcium and magnesium helps a lot to slow down osteoporosis. ..”

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  7. too much vitamin-a can also cause osteoporosis but aging is the number cause of it ~*`

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