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Maintaining Health and Harmony in the Modern World

I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s so secret that it’s obvious (a secrect is always safest from large-scale public attention when it is kept right in front of the public’s nose). And of course, like all truths, it is quite simple in concept and quite difficult in execution. Here, then, is the secret: In order to maintain health and harmony in this life, one must achieve a healthy balance of action and rest. Our modern world is structured around movement and action: hence, the popularity of “fast food.” Our modern world problem is not one of inaction, but of stressed-out humans who are out of balance and do not know the meaning, let alone the mechanism of rest and relaxation.
Stress Free!
One thing we need to remember when faced with the stresses of this world is that anyone alive today, or anyone who has ever lived on this earth, has faced everyday living stress. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! As humans, we tend to think that we’re the only one going through a given situation, and that’s just not true. Everyone faces stress and feels the effects of having to act in a fast-paced manner. The only real differene between humans is HOW they react to the stress.

Let’s take a look at one person who is faced with a stressful situation. Let’s say this person reacts by tightening up, tensing all muscle groups (even one’s they didn’t eve know they had!), and they begin to scream and yell. Their blood pressure rises, they feel awful, they are angry, tense and they have a bad day for the rest of the day.

Now let’s go to another person in the same stressful situation as the first person, but instead of reacting with anger and knee-jerk assumptions, this second person listens, takes a deep breath, and steps back metaphorically from the situation. This person stops and takes a moment to gather all the thoughts and emotions that are swirling all around the situation. They see and feel that a knee-jerk reaction would only fuel the situation, so instead, they choose to breathe and wait. By doing this, they have a chance to look at the big picture, and not take it so personally. They ultimately decide that they do not wish to feel awful, angry, or tense, and they go on to have a great day!

So maintaining health and harmony is a matter of choice. It’s just that the first person might not realize his or her actions were a choice. Even knee-jerk reactions are a choice and it’s this type of crazed choice of action that has lead us into a society of fast-paced, fast food eating, action junkies.

Action is important. It is part of the balance of health and harmony. But it is healthy action, thoughful action, balanced action that is the key. In the case of the second person’s scenario, they took a moment to stop. That was an action! In stopping, they were able to gather and access the whole, and get the big picture. This, in turn, leads to relaxation and stress release.

The only way to fully access serenity is to let go. Start by letting go of control over a situation. You do this by stopping and stepping back, even if only for a moment. Within this moment of release, you may be able to grasp the big picture, and once that occurs, you will be truly free of the stress. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away for you, just keep stopping and stepping back (in other words, stop talking, or yelling, and listen and watch instead). Let go of being “right” and just listen. Most of the time, the situation will resolve itself if just one person lets go of holding the negative energy.

You’ll know when you are in serenity because your sense of fulfilment will be great. The situation will feel complete and you will be able to turn your attention to other, happier things. Even if a stressful situation is not resolved, you can stop feeding its energy by simply deciding how you want to feel! If you don’t want to feel bad, then decide that you do want to feel good and happy, then act on feeling good and happy!

The choice is yours and it’s simple yet profound. You have the power to change the world—that is the gift of being human. Health and harmony is within you and you are holding the key.

Kim for Hypno-Freedom

Kim Markison is a master hypnotherapist. Her lifelong path is to teach and show everyone how powerful and extraordinary they really are. To align with that path and purpose, she is creating unique, empowering hypnosis meditations for HypnoFreedom. Each one is designed for complete relaxation and stress relief, so no matter which one you listen to, you will always arrive at the center of your being to safely enjoy who you truly are. Copyright 2007. Reference:


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