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Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 4/4: The Food of Life ~ Royal Jelly

Queen BeeRoyal Jelly is a substance produced by worker bees and fed to the larva from which the queen bee develops. Queen bees live up to 8 years, which is 50 times longer than worker bees. A rich source of complete protein, royal jelly contains all essential amino acids, natural sugars, unsaturated fats, minerals and B-vitamins.

Researchers found that natural honeybee products such as royal jelly and honey aid in cancer treatment and prevention. The bee products may have direct effects toxic to cancer cells, or help the immune system fight tumor development.

Many studies indicate that royal jelly can prolong life and prevent aging. Athletes have reported increased stamina and general wellbeing after adding royal jelly to their diets. Royal jelly exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

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