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Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa)

Many people eat alfalfa in a salad, a sandwich, over an omelet or as a crunchy snack. Alfalfa offers superior nutrition and therapeutic benefits which make it an important part of herbal health.

The history of alfalfa’s use began more than 2,500 years ago when it was employed for a variety of physical ailments, namely cancer and high cholesterol. Because alfalfa was so easily grown and manufactured for consumption, it came to be known as “the father of all foods”. A famous modern herbalist, John B. Christopher, commented that if eaten regularly, alfalfa would make one radiant with improved health.

Alfalfa is very nutritional, rich in protein, fat, vitamins A,C, E, B1, B2, K and fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and ascorbic acid.  It also contains isoflavonoid phytoalexins, such as pterocarpans, isoflavone phytoestrogens formometin and coumestrol.

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