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Ten Tips To Age Happily

Ageing into our golden years doesn’t mean we have to be a burden to our children and grandchildren. Here are 10 tips you can work on to enjoy your retirement.

1. Balanced diet ~ We must control our diet. Do not eat excessively. Watch the nutritional intake and keep a regular dietary habit. Avoid oily, high calorie foods such as sweet pastries, deep fried snacks, etc. Take adequate portions of various nutrients such as antioxidants, polysaccharides and phytochemicals, which help prevent the ageing precess and optimize the body’s immune system.

2. Regular work and rest ~ Sleep and wake up early. Do not overwork.

3. Stable emotions ~ Always maintain good emotions. Do not take things too seriously, and always remain joyful.

4. Adequate exercises ~ Do some simple exercises in the morning such as taking a slow walk. Take a stroll at the park after dinner. It will not only strengthen our body, it will also allow us to make new acquaintances.

5. Regular check-up ~ Health checks are very important. We must go for regular health checks to detect any problem and go for early treatment if required.

6. Self-improvement and learning ~ Attend a language or drawing class during spare time. While broadening our knowledge, it also provides a source of spiritual solace as we partake in the fun of lifelong learning.

7. Leisure activities ~ Pick up some hobbies or nurture some sense of humour. This helps relieve our tension. Activities such as chess-playing, calligraphy and traveling are excellent pastimes.

8. Social welfare activities ~ If we have the time, why not spend some of it on social welfare activities or voluntary jobs. Regular meetings not only help kill the extra time, but will also keep us abreast of the latest happenings in the community, exchanging views, sharing our experiences and keeping in touch with younger people, so that we feel remarkably younger.Happy Granny

9. Retirement planning ~ The greatest principle among old people would be to preserve our wealth and sense of security.

10. Great time with grandchildren ~ Spend more time with family, and make arrangements for common activities. If staying with children, we must learn to understand the minds of the young people so that we can enjoy harmonious family life.


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