Nutritional Immunology

What you eat affects your Immune System

Learn what it means when we say ‘balance diet’ for our health by world renown scientist, Nutritional Immunologist Dr Jau Fei Chen.. 8:29 mins

Reducing the Risk of Prostate Cancer through a Plant-Based Diet

Prostate cancer, which in recent years has grown to almost epidemic proportions, especially in developed countries. It is now the world’s fourth most common form of malignancy (cancerous tumor) among men, with some 400,000 new cases being diagnosed annually. Recent scientific evidence suggests that diet plays a major role in the development, progression and deadliness […]

Nature’s Nutrition – Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is said to contain every substance needed to maintain life and is therefore called a complete food. Bee pollen contains large amounts of aspartic acid – an amino acid that has been known to stimulate the glands and create a feeling of physical rejuvenation; it has also been shown to strengthen the immune […]

Nature’s Nutrition – Barley and Rice

Barley and Rice (Hordeum vulgare and Orzya sativa) Since ancient times, rice and barley have been cultivated and even worshiped by man. Grown throughout the world, these well-established grains and even the leaves from both these plants are rich in vitamins B and E and high in protein, carbohydrates and minerals. Also, because of their […]

Nature’s Nutrition – Asparagus

Asparagus (Asparagus cochinchinensis) Asparagus is a perennial plant that requires special cultivation. Early in the spring, its sprouts can be harvested and eaten, while later in the season, the developing flowers may be consumed in a manner similar to corn on the cob. Asparagus is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins – especially vitamins B1, […]

Nature’s Nutrition – Alfalfa

Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) Many people eat alfalfa in a salad, a sandwich, over an omelet or as a crunchy snack. Alfalfa offers superior nutrition and therapeutic benefits which make it an important part of herbal health. The history of alfalfa’s use began more than 2,500 years ago when it was employed for a variety of […]

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 1/4: An Exceptional Mushroom ~ Cordyceps Sinensis

Photo from Cordyceps came under international spotlight when Chinese long-distance runners broke many world records in 1993. They attributed their wins to taking Cordyceps, an herb believed to increase physical endurance, decrease fatigue and improve general health. Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as dong cong xia cao (winter worm, summer grass) contains many active ingredients. […]

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 2/4: Root of Health ~ American Ginseng Root

Ginseng has long been revered as the “king of herbs” throughout the world. It is often used to alleviate ailments such as stress and fatigue. The therapeutic effects of ginseng are attributed to rare phytochemicals named ginsenosides. Though present throughout the plant, levels of ginsenosides are highest in the root. American ginseng has more Rb1 […]

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 3/4: Fighters for Life ~ Cactus

Cactus contains thousands of phytochemicals that perform myriad functions in the body. Besides regulating the immune system, they also help wound healing. Scientists tested a topical application that consisted of cactus extract and found that phytochemicals in cactus accelerated tissue regeneration by inhibiting inflammation, stimulating fibroblasts (cells that aid in wound healing) to move to […]

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 4/4: The Food of Life ~ Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a substance produced by worker bees and fed to the larva from which the queen bee develops. Queen bees live up to 8 years, which is 50 times longer than worker bees. A rich source of complete protein, royal jelly contains all essential amino acids, natural sugars, unsaturated fats, minerals and B-vitamins. […]

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