Nutritional Immunology

Nature’s Exquisite Offerings 2/4: Root of Health ~ American Ginseng Root

Ginseng has long been revered as the “king of herbs” throughout the world. It is often used to alleviate ailments such as stress and fatigue. The therapeutic effects of ginseng are attributed to rare phytochemicals named ginsenosides. Though present throughout the plant, levels of ginsenosides are highest in the root. American ginseng has more Rb1 […]

What is Good Mental Health?

Our state of mind is shaped by the way we think and that affects our response to situations we face in our lives. Having good mental health or a healthy state of mind is not just about feeling happy. It also means accepting yourself for who you are and being able to cope with changes […]

10 Tips to Achieve Good Mental Health

These 10 tips can help you achieve or regain good mental health. Apply them to your life today! Value Yourself ~ Realise that you are unique as an individual. Be confident of your abilities and resist the urge to underestimate yourself. Do your best, but don’t keep blaming yourself if you make some mistakes along […]

Ten Tips To Age Happily

Ageing into our golden years doesn’t mean we have to be a burden to our children and grandchildren. Here are 10 tips you can work on to enjoy your retirement. 1. Balanced diet ~ We must control our diet. Do not eat excessively. Watch the nutritional intake and keep a regular dietary habit. Avoid oily, […]

Recognizing the dangers of anti-depressant drugs

By Danielle Frascone. Do you or someone you love take SSRI drugs? If so, then perhaps you have been informed of the possible side effects. Most people have heard that SSRI drugs may affect their sex drive or cause weight gain but what they may not have heard is that these drugs can do far […]

Maintaining Health and Harmony in the Modern World

I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s so secret that it’s obvious (a secrect is always safest from large-scale public attention when it is kept right in front of the public’s nose). And of course, like all truths, it is quite simple in concept and quite difficult in execution. Here, then, is the […]

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